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Brene Brown discusses the diff b/n sympathy and empathy. 

New Plan, of course

If you have read any of my earlier postings you can easily decipher that I am a lady with a plan. A lady with a constantly changing plan. At any one time I always know exactly what I want to do, what NEEDS to be done and what will absolutely be 100% best. I am perpetually daydreaming and planning for the future. Whatever plan I am working on is always the result of something that I have learned or something that I have remembered.

Living situation, a constant source of anxiety, excitement and despair. I am totally aware that all of those feelings are based upon how far I let my mental chatter take me. I feel anxiety when I think too deeply about the fact that I live so closely to hundreds of people that I don’t know. Who knows what kind of shit they are up to behind their closed doors. I feel excitement when I project us into the future living in an off the grid home with a greenhouse on 5 or more acres. Then comes despair when I realize that it take a lot of time and a good chunk of change to become sustainable and off grid. Then I get anxiety when I start to think of having to live in such close proximity to hundreds of people that do who knows what in the confines of their own townhome. And then I get excited thinking about living in the woods and then I get….Well you know.

So here I am again getting excited about a new living plan. I am going to save you all of of the details and just lay it out like you intuitively know everything that I say.

1.) Move out of (nice and expensive) townhome this summer

2.) Camp in tents this summer

3.) Build yurt while camping

4.) Live in yurt (Mongolian Ger) throughout winter, while working and banking

5.) Live in yurt for Summer

6.) Travel to the south with yurt and work on organic farms for food and a place to put yurt

7.) Travel where we want while not being tourists

8.) Enjoy

9.) Learn

10.) Explore

Thats it folks, that is the new plan. Will we stick with it? Well thats the plan!

“The kingdom is within you and outside you. When you know yourselves, you will be known, and you will know you are children of the living father. But if you do not know yourselves, you live in poverty and you yourselves are the poverty.”

—   Jesus, The Gospel of Thomas (via lazyyogi)

Jesus was a yogi

(Source: lazyyogi)

Starting The Ultimate Yogi program!
Day One

Social conditioning mandates that we as a species disconnect from our environment

Us poor estranged children rob and mutilate our mother, capitalizing on her endless generosity and love
We give no thanks for what we receive
In fact we are so deluded that we have created a fictitious God that reaps whatever shred of gratitude we express
Fuck you people
I dare our species to evolve outside of nature

I’m so sick of sexy. 

panbye asked: What's your favorite animal?

You, you beast.


My wife just told me she expects me to do this within the year.


My wife just told me she expects me to do this within the year.


Not my art , just my edit.



Not my art , just my edit.


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In the future is where they sought god. And in the future they never came. The future was always now and they never new, for in their minds they were trapped, unable to know that god was all around and in themselves but never could they see with minds that chatter aimlessly. 

(I say god but I mean consciousness. They are the same thing.)